About the treadmill

Our Hydrotherapy suite is equipped with one of the latest and most advanced water treadmills available and provides a safe environment for your dog to exercise and carry out its rehabilitation, fitness and well-being.

  • Full glass opening doors at either end allowing dogs to enter and leave without the need to turn around, and ramps at either end to enter and exit with ease.

  • The clear glass construction of our treadmill allows the hydro therapist the luxury of being able to see the whole gait of the dog unimpeded and to assess joint range of motion, stance time and stride length during the session

  • Foot placing either side so your hydrotherapist can accompany your dog inside the treadmill throughout the session allowing to guide, support and provide additional exercises in the treadmill to assist with gait re-education where necessary

  • Variable speed enabling the hydrotherapist to achieve the correct walking pattern

  • Large sized treadmill to cater for even the largest dogs and allowing plenty of room for the therapist to be in the treadmill with patients to give assistance

  • Computer controlled belt with incline option to promote specific types of movement and for more advanced fitness

  • Fast filling and emptying of sanitised, PH balanced warm water (around 30°C)

  • Targeted therapy

  • Accurate measurement of effort during exercise

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Hydrotherapy Treatments

The Hydrotherapy Suite is fully equipped with showering and drying facilities and has been designed to ensure happy, healthy patients and happy owners.

Initial Consultation

The initial session includes a full consultation, with posture and gait analysis (to see how your pet is moving), a hands on musculoskeletal assessment (to assess muscle bulk, tone and range of motion) via palpation and muscle mass measurements as well as a review of veterinary advice and history.   The information we can gather during the assessment combined with the referral information received from your vet will enable us to develop an individualised treatment programme for your dog.

Treatment Session

At each appointment your dog will first be showered in order to warm up their muscles and prepare them for treatment.  We will use an evaluation of your dog’s performance in the last session as well as feedback from you, to ensure every session is conducted at the best level of intensity.

During the session owners will stay close to their dog, giving confidence, support and motivation.  Your dog will be accompanied by a therapist at all times when they are in the treadmill (unless it is behaviourally inappropriate for any particular pet).  After each session your dog will be thoroughly dried