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Our Practice Approach

As a fully independent, highly trained and specialist hydrotherapy rehabilitation service, we believe we are well placed to be part of a multi-disciplinary approach and would seek to work with your practice with a shared goal of improved patient outcomes.  To further improve patient outcomes, we have teamed-up with Four Paws Physiotherapy who will be working with us at our Centre to provide a fully integrated rehabilitation service utilising both hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as approporiate.

As part of our professional practice, we are totally committed to ensuring that we always work strictly within our area of professional competence and boundaries and refer back to referring vets as required in the best interests of the patients at all times.  We prepare regular progress reports and circulate to all members of the patient’s care team, welcoming the opportunity for regular input and feedback so that the hydrotherapy treatment plan can be optimised to achieve the agreed goals and outcomes.

Our Training & Qualifications

Trained in the UK with a leading hydrotherapy provider, our independently accredited Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy qualification includes studies of:

  • Canine anatomy & physiology
  • Management of Orthopedic & Neurological conditions
  • Common medical conditions
  • Small animal first aid
  • Professional practice and multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Principles of hydrotherapy
  • Assessing suitability for hydrotherapy
  • Administering hydrotherapy
  • Advanced underwater treadmill treatments

We are committed to further education in our specialist area and Continuing Professional Development.