Hydrotherapy for Sport and Competition Dogs2020-01-01T07:58:04+00:00

Carefully planning your Agility, Flyball, Rally-O, Trick Dog or Competitive Obedience year is an important way of enhancing performance at whatever level you set you goals.

The dog sport season can be broken down into three phases:-

Off-Season: Transition (Regeneration)

Pre-Season: Preparation (Adaptation)

Competition-Season: Competition (Application)

Your Hydrotherapist, who is an Australian Agility Champion and National Teams Champion with her dog Jet and an Agility, Trick Dog and Rally O competitor, will explain why breaking the season down this way can be so important. The Hydrotherapist will create a training program suited to each phase of the competition season, ensuring your dog is in peak condition throughout the year.


If your training plan for the year has been well defined you should get much closer to achieving your outcome goals in fitness, training and competition.

Addressing the training and competition year in this way forms the basic foundations for the most successful handlers.